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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About the CatBaby! Band

How many members are there in the CatBaby! Band?
What instruments do they play?

CatBaby! is a five piece band of total and complete professional musicians. We have a drummer, a bass player, a guitar player, a keyboard player, and a saxophone player/percussionist. Everybody sings, some even better than others!--All at the Top Notch level! (top notch, I love that...)

Does CatBaby! travel?
We are willing to travel, yes. Let's talk about it!

How big of a stage do you need? What are your power/electrical requirements?
We typically need an area of about 10 X 20 feet. We do not require a stage, but if there is one available that's great. Mostly we just need the space as long as we are indoors. We usually do not require any additional power other than a wall socket. Two separate circuits would be advisable.

Can you play on grass/turf or in full sun?
No, No, and, please don't make us!
We cannot place electrical equipment (or anything else) directly on dirt or grass (a deck, pavement or a sidewalk could work). A flat level surface (within reason) is required. We also need to have a covered area to avoid full sunlight, let's please talk about this...

Can you play outdoors if we really need you to?
Yes we sure can. However, outdoor events can be dicey as I'm sure you can imagine. There is an outdoor rider to our performance contract that explains the risks involved with such an event. Basically, if there is any possibility of getting wet due to precipitation, or if it's too cold, no band can setup and perform safely outside. To avoid cancellation and loss of money, have an indoor alternative.

Tony & CatBaby! - Thanks for helping to make our wedding so special. We hope you enjoyed being a part of it! Bethany & Wes How long does it take to set up/tear down, and will this bite into your performance time?
It typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half from the time we arrive to being completely set up. At that point we would get dressed, have dinner (to avoid a long break later), and then begin playing.
None of the set up/tear down will affect the length of our performance time.

How long will you perform for us? Do you need to take breaks, really?
The CatBaby! Band is typically hired for (up to) a four-hour block of time. We usually take two or three short breaks no longer than 15 minutes (bathroom, etc.) We are very good at keeping the flow of the evening going. Other pauses would be for cake cutting or toasts, etc.

When you take your break, will you have a CD to play?
Absolutely. We have our own break music or you can bring yours and we'll put it on!

What will you wear when you perform?
For wedding receptions, and other formal functions, we typically wear black and white Tuxedos (black tie). We also have a "Black Suit" coat and tie look that is an alternative to total formal and we can dress down from there, let's talk about it.

Do you need a dressing room with a bathroom and all that stuff?
The CatBaby! Band prides itself on being low maintenance, honest. We do, however, if possible, need a decent place to change after we set up our equipment (the men's room would be the least decent). A private room with or near a restroom would be great. Board Rooms work beautifully. While we don't have a rider with any outrageous food or drink requirements (we're not Rock Stars and we're not tryin' to be), water and sodas would be greatly appreciated in the dressing room.

Do you have someone who can M.C.? Will you introduce our Bridal Party? Even if there's 35 of us?
Yes we certainly do, and, yes we certainly can, with pleasure! I would just need to get the list (long or short) of the Bridal Party in the correct order with any unusual pronunciations spelled out phonetically, thanks so much!

Would you be willing to work with our wedding planner, with cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, or anything else?
Yes, of course. We work this way most of the time.

Do you take requests? What if we want a song that's not on your songlist?
Yes, we do take requests of songs that are not on our songlist. If we can play it, we will, I promise. Please do not hesitate to ask. Conversely, if we cannot render it beautifully for you for some reason (girl singer, Viennese orchestral waltz, death metal), we will not be able to play it.

Can we pick specific songs from your songlist for you to play, and kindly ask that you not perform certain songs?
Yes, I always encourage our clients to mark up our songlist (a little bit!) and fax it back to me. It will help give us a guideline for the evening.

Do ya'll play the Electric Slide?

Do ya'll play YMCA?, The Macarena?, The Chicken Dance???
NO!, NO!, NO!
(HA!!...I Kid!!...but seriously...for you, we'll play it ALL!...or not!)

Can ya'll please sing "Why Don't We Get Drunk..." by Jimmy Buffetts and change the words around so it don't have that ugly word in it?
Yes of course, but, I digress...

Can you play softer music during dinner and then kick it up for dancing/partying when we're ready?
Yes, absolutely! We typically start the evening with an hour or so of instrumental jazzy tunes, and when you're ready for dancing and partying we're right there for you!

Will there be a problem with volume? Is a live band just going to be way too loud for my party?
Any live band with drums, electric guitars, and amplified vocals, horns, etc. is going to be prominent at any gathering, especially indoors. We will, however, do everything in our power to adjust the volume to your satisfaction, I promise. We can break the glass out of the windows, or we can NOT break the glass out of the windows.
We clearly understand that a wedding reception is not a KISS concert. But, if you want smoke, fire, and lasers, we'll bring it dude! But remember, that'll be extra...

Does the band really need to be provided with meals? Really? How many meals? Is a dry turkey sandwich, a tiny bag of Fritos, a cookie, and an apple a good enough meal for five grown men? (It's just the band, for cryin' out loud!)
Yes, the band needs to eat when it applies based on arrival time. We typically need five hot meals before we start playing. This avoids a longer break later just to feed the band...now isn't that a thoughtful idea? With respect, let's definitely talk about this. Thanks very much!

Can I contact you with other questions or comments that I have regarding the CatBaby! Band and my party? Can you send me more information?
Yes, of course! Please call Tony Bowman at (919) 542-1612,
or email tony@catbaby.com

Come on! Let's have a party!