You have our highest recommendation. We could not be more pleased.


And now, a note from Tony...

So you're getting married. Very cool. Wedding receptions are fun. Really fun. So come on! Let's have a party!

I'm well aware that hiring music for your reception can be challenging, if not flat out daunting. If you will let me, I can help you simplify this process.

There are a gazillion choices of cover bands for private parties out there. You've probably checked many of them out already. Good job. That's how it's done.

So now what? What group is THE ONE for your wedding reception?

What group is gonna play just the right kind of music to set the mood during cocktails and dinner?

What group will make sure the dance floor is sizzling with great dance music that appeals to EVERYONE at the party?

What group is gonna learn your First Dance song, or Father/Daughter dance (from scratch if that's what it takes), and actually make it sound good?

What group is gonna do all this stuff, and more, with enthusiasm, a smile, and sincere GRATITUDE?

CatBaby! It's that simple. CatBaby! brings decades of repertoire and experience (not to mention gobs of talent and unique personality) to every performance. I know this may sound similar to other bands you've checked out, but that's why we have a list of references. I'll send you one. I'll also send you a demo CD you can listen to over and over again! Cool, huh?

Call or email and let's talk about it. I think your search could be over. Let me prove it!

Thanks so much for checking in with the CatBaby! Band

Tony Bowman
(919) 542-1612